Sustainability is not an option for the hospitality industry

November 2, 2023

For 10 years now, the hospitality industry has been working on its impact on the planet. Sustainable development is at the heart of the hospitality industry that allows many destinations to access economic development. While waiting for the 2023 finalists and winner, let’s have a look at the previous competitions. Diversey will hand over the trophy to an impactful initiative.

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Being careful about food waste is an action to have a more positive impact on the planet and its ecosystems. It is what The Lux Collective implemented with Zero Food Waste policy at LUX* Le Morne, Mauritius which helped raise awareness of the impact of food waste.

To break this taboo and make the project unique and innovative, they have been working not only to eliminate waste, but also to collect and recycle organic waste, which in fact represents a major economic resource. What is today a reality for one of the country’s hotels will tomorrow be a priority for the entire hotel industry.

Their goal in 2018 was to eliminate food waste at their hotel. Now that this goal has been achieved, the project continues to develop by managing waste at the source, addressing purchases, cooking methods, portion control, and client and staff habits.

Developing project by respecting the environment is now mostly spread within the hospitality industry. Gaviota decided to build sustainable properties.

To guarantee a level of ecological excellence, Gaviota operate a hotel that is aiming for a new, innovative international label entirely dedicated to biodiversity: the BIODIVERCITY® label.

Among the actions undertaken: complete integration of the building into the natural site, reducing the impact on the ground; promotion of local biodiversity (fauna & flora) with eco-tourist discovery trails; development of nurseries to conserve and develop endemic species; creation of green corridors to ensure the movement of animal species; preservation of ecosystems; and above all, raising awareness and training tourists and staff in respect for nature.

Designing, building, and operating according to LEED® criteria

Gaviota, together with Bouygues Batiment International, developed Cuba's first hotels with a globally recognised certification for energy and the environment.

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Taking care of what's precious since 1923 is the moto of Diversey. Their story began a century ago in Chicago. They have since expanded to over 100 countries around the world and are physically present in 80+ countries; creating innovative cleaning products that meet the needs of a resource-challenged world. At Diversey, taking care of what’s precious means going beyond clean and taking care of life, of people, businesses, but also local economies, growing industries, and the planet we call home.

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