Shangri-La launches its 'Find Your Shangri-La' campaigin

"Find Your Shangri-La" was created to help guests find their personal moments of joy at Shangri-La’s luxury hotels, which are renowned for their Asian hospitality.
Corporate awards
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The Hospitality Award for a Media Campaign

Award honors media campaigns effectively promoting hospitality brands/groups through diverse platforms with creativity, originality, and relevance, enhancing brand awareness and customer engagement, yielding positive business impact.

In May 2023, Shangri-La's campaign, crafted by Dave Meyers, offers a journey into joy with a film showcasing whimsical characters like a peony explorer, highlighting the brand's unique experiences. This global drive emphasizes culinary skills, special moments, family adventures, and wellness, urging guests to delve into local cultures and personalized services at Shangri-La hotels worldwide, encapsulating Asian hospitality's essence.